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Great achievements by Raya Care during the first 6 months of year 2021.

Thanks to your trust and the support of Ministry of public health & International Medical corps, we were able to offer these free services: 377 Corona Home visits, 321 Free Vaccines for kids, 1003 Free Lab tests, 3398 Pharmacy Services, 572 Free Radiology pictures, 1000 diapers distribution, 16 baby bags & 5 wheelchairs. In addition to 7473 Medical Consultations for 3000 LBP (almost $0.15)


Raya Care is a Lebanese primary healthcare Center that provides health care services at affordable prices to improve the medical status of Khaldah residence & its neighborhood.

Raya Care offers Doctors consultations for just 15,000 LBP, Laboratory tests at 30% discount from CNNF prices, X-rays and Free chronic & non-chronic medications.

IMC Collaboration

Raya Care Center launched a project in partnership with International Medical Corps funded by the European Union. Thus, the medical consultation fees was reduced as follows from 15,000 Lebanese pounds to a symbolic fee of 3,000 LBP (0.3$).

Occasionally this project also covers laboratory tests, x-rays, and physical therapy. In addition to the services of providing the vaccine and medicine for free.

Who is Raya ?

Raya is Lebanese girl who adores life and her positive energy made her a special girl. She loves songs, bees and the color yellow. In July 2011, she had a tragic car accident, unfortunetly she is in coma ever since. Her positive spirit was the inspiration behind the Fanoussy site and now Raya Care.


Public Health
Ear, Nose & Throat Diseases
Dermatological & Venereal Diseases
Heart Disease
Internal Medicine
General Surgeries
Pediatrics Clinic
Orthopedic Surgery
Vascular & Neurology
Gynecology & Obstetrics

Our Mission

Providing preventive advice and treatment services to all segments of society at a nominal fee, to maintain their health and protect them with a high level of efficiency and quality. 


Our Values







Free Services:

1- Essential medicines for chronic and non-chronic diseases

2- Basic Vaccines

3- Laboratory blood tests and x-rays:

• For pregnant women and people with chronic diseases

• For all ages after a case study by IMC

4- 2 Ultrasounds for pregnant women

5- Post Natal examination for mother & new born

6- Home Doctor Consultation for the disabled

7- IUD installation service

8- dental services: emergency cases & children’s examination

9- Preventive health services:


• Mammography for women over 40

• Papsmear for women over 21

• Stool examination for women & men over 50

10- Physical therapy for people with disabilities

11- Health education services

After diagnosing the disease by the dispensary's doctors and to complete the treatment plan, our patients benefit from free medications. Raya Care receives vaccines, chronic & non-chronic medications from the ministry of Health and other NGOs. This service benefits our patients a lot and reduces their daily expenses.
Raya Care’s dentists are available on a daily basis. they provide high-quality services for a little fee. Among the services of the dental clinic: routine dental services, scaling & polishing, extraction, composite filling, preventive care and pediatric dentistry.

Hadeer Charity


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