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  • Raya Care

    Doctors consultations, Laboratory tests, X-ray, Vaccines and Free medications


Great achievements by Raya Care during the first 6 months of year 2021.

Thanks to your trust and the support of Ministry of public health & International Medical corps, we were able to offer these free services: 377 Corona Home visits, 321 Free Vaccines for kids, 1003 Free Lab tests, 3398 Pharmacy Services, 572 Free Radiology pictures, 1000 diapers distribution, 16 baby bags & 5 wheelchairs. In addition to 7473 Medical Consultations for 3000 LBP (almost $0.15)


Raya Care is a Lebanese primary healthcare Center that provides health care services at affordable prices to improve the medical status of Khaldah residence & its neighborhood.

Raya Care offers Doctors consultations for just 15,000 LBP, Laboratory tests at 30% discount from CNNF prices, X-rays and Free chronic & non-chronic medications.

IMC Collaboration

Raya Care Center launched a project in partnership with International Medical Corps funded by the European Union. Thus, the medical consultation fees was reduced as follows from 15,000 Lebanese pounds to a symbolic fee of 3,000 LBP (0.3$).

Occasionally this project also covers laboratory tests, x-rays, and physical therapy. In addition to the services of providing the vaccine and medicine for free.

Who is Raya ?

Raya is Lebanese girl who adores life and her positive energy made her a special girl. She loves songs, bees and the color yellow. In July 2011, she had a tragic car accident, unfortunetly she is in coma ever since. Her positive spirit was the inspiration behind the Fanoussy site and now Raya Care.


Public Health
Ear, Nose & Throat Diseases
Dermatological & Venereal Diseases
Heart Disease
Internal Medicine
General Surgeries
Pediatrics Clinic
Orthopedic Surgery
Vascular & Neurology
Gynecology & Obstetrics

Our Mission

Providing preventive advice and treatment services to all segments of society at a nominal fee, to maintain their health and protect them with a high level of efficiency and quality. 


Our Values







General Goal:

Providing health care services at a minimal fee for residents of Khaldeh and its surroundings 

Long-term Goals:

1-Examination of more than 3,500 patients per month

2-Providing chronic and non-chronic medications for free

3-Providing vaccinations for children free of charge, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, to approximately 900 children per month

4-Follow-up for more than 350 pregnant women monthly

5-Community awareness of NCDs

6-Early education for the residents of Khaldeh and its surroundings on the importance of prevention. 

After diagnosing the disease by the dispensary's doctors and to complete the treatment plan, our patients benefit from free medications. Raya Care receives vaccines, chronic & non-chronic medications from the ministry of Health and other NGOs. This service benefits our patients a lot and reduces their daily expenses.
Raya Care’s dentists are available on a daily basis. they provide high-quality services for a little fee. Among the services of the dental clinic: routine dental services, scaling & polishing, extraction, composite filling, preventive care and pediatric dentistry.

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